Crypto Soccer
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Crypto Soccer has implemented a fair, equitable and safe withdrawal system for everyone and mainly maintaining the balance of the economy.
The withdrawals within Crypto soccer will have 3 conditions that will help the economic sustainability of the game and they are the following:
MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL: The minimum withdrawal within Crypto Soccer is 500 CSC GAME coins and its equivalence is equal to 500 CSC tokens.
MAXIMUM WITHDRAWAL: The maximum withdrawal within Crypto Soccer is 10,000 CSC GAME coins and its equivalence is equal to 10,000 CSC tokens.
WITHDRAWAL TIME: Withdrawals within Crypto Soccer will be enabled for players every 7 days from their registration or last withdrawal.
The withdrawal process can only be carried out if the player meets the 3 above conditions.
The withdrawal process will be carried out within the game market and the system will automatically swap CSC GAME to CSC TOKEN and these will be sent to the wallet registered in Crypto Soccer.
It is important to know that this withdrawal process will be done through the BEP20 Binance Smart Chain network and the costs or fees will be directly related to the NETWORK that are an average of (0.40 to 0.80 USD) remember that this equivalence must be in BNB.
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