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Press reléase 11/05

Official statement
On November 2, 2021, the development team carried out the update and transfer to the new servers, this process was carried out in a controlled manner and according to the established security conditions.
After this update, there was a flaw in the programming compatibility of multiplayer game modes. This resulting in a sudden drop in the speed of the application when playing it.
On the other hand, our development and security team has decided to implement a multi-chain database system within the blockchain, this resulting in insurance against attacks and manipulation of the CSC GAME tokens which is the internal currency of the game, this system will allow all users to receive their rewards safely and fairly. This multi-chain database system is 70% under development. This multi-chain database system is the most important security factor when implementing the CSC GAME virtual token and recharge system.
This system ensures that no one can manipulate the CSC GAME tokens at the time of the redemption and withdrawal process of rewards. Due to these 2 factors already mentioned above, the development team had to make the decision to postpone the launch of the game on November 7. This has been a difficult decision to make but it is the best for the future of the Game, as a development team our priority is the security and economic stability of the game and the necessary measures will be taken to give the community a quality game. safe and fair.
We know that the community is eager to start playing and generate its rewards, and we want to apologize for this delay but we want you to understand that if we make the game public with these 2 factors mentioned above, the game economy will be in danger.
As a development team we have taken steps that will be implemented during the additional time it will take to finalize the development of the multi-chain database system and improve the speed of play in multiplayer modes. These measures will result in a profit to our CSC token and benefits to those who have supported the project and already have their epic and legendary teams.
These implemented measures will be the following:
Crypto Soccer Online Cup, this cup will have 32 influencers which will distribute a prize pool of $ 3,500 for the 3 best players and $ 500 for the community that is participating in the live broadcasts of the event. This event will start on November 13, and where you can start testing and verifying the game speed in multiplayer modes.
Fan System, this option will allow the community to make a contribution in the CSC token by voting for who you think will be the winning influencer of the second online crypto soccer cup. All contributions will go directly to a pool that will be distributed equally among the users who have chosen the winner of the cup, this system will be available on November 12.
Stake of the CSC token, an initial stake system will be implemented with a duration of 30 days where users who enter their CSC tokens will receive automatic rewards in the same CSC token in an equitable way to your contribution.
Stake Features:
-Fund of the CSC token pool to be distributed: 2,085,000 CSC tokens
-minimum contribution value: 200 CSC tokens
-Stake duration: 30 days
-start: November 10, 2021
Benefits of participating in the stake:
-Automatic deposits in the CSC token that you can withdraw at the end of the stake
-Users who make a contribution equal to or greater than 10,000 CSC tokens will automatically enter the white list of STADIUES.
-200 Epic MEXICO teams will be raffled among the participating wallets of the stake and will be reflected in the winners' accounts once the game starts. (applies to everyone, even those who already have purchased equipment)
-Daily tickets for the draw of 5 winners in CSC tokens during the 30 days of the stake, the fund of these draws is $ 10,000 and will be exclusive for wallets that have an epic or legendary team.
It is important to emphasize that your income in the CSC token will be related to your contribution.
Crypto soccer prediction system, this system will be available initially the same time that the stake lasts and consists in that users can make a contribution in CSC tokens predicting which team will win the match which will be taken from the best leagues in the world and the qualifying for the World Cup, all the tokens accumulated in the pool will be distributed equally among the users who matched the winner. start date November 10, 2021
As a reward to users who have made their purchase of epic and legendary equipment automatically, they have been included in the white list of the sale of trainers. We want to thank you for your support and understanding in the measures that have been taken, always highlighting that even though they are difficult decisions for the community to understand and for the development team to make, they are made with the intention of giving the greatest benefit to the community in the short term, medium and long term and mainly protecting the future of the economy. The development and security team will meet again on November 11, 2021 to give a new date for the official launch of the Crypto soccer game