Crypto Soccer
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Crypto soccer has 32 teams each with unique statistics that will allow you to create your own game strategy.
Each Crypto soccer player must own a team to unlock all the game options such as daily missions, leagues, duels and tournaments.
This equipment will be your property and you will be able to buy and sell more equipment in the market, this trade can only be carried out with the internal currency of the CSC game.
There will be 10 teams with a legendary version that can only be purchased in the game's pre-sale and will be totally limited, these will have a percentage increase in their statistics and you can also buy and sell them in the game market.
NOTE: The user who owns more than 1 team will have the following benefits in the next Crypto soccer updates.
*Trade Legendary and Epic Equipment in the Market place
*Generation of additional income for each Team with the update of the reward system (Daily missions)
*Income generation through the implementation of the Equipment Rental system - CSC-BOL System where you can be the owner of your own league of your teams
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