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CSC GAME recharge system

Crypto soccer has evolved the economy of blockchain games, and as part of this evolution a CSC token recharge system has been developed within the market.
What is the coin recharge system?
The CSC GAME coin recharge system within Crypto soccer is the function that allows us to have a balance within the game to be able to make our contribution to participate in multiplayer game modes.
What is CSC GAME coin?
CSC GAME currency is the internal currency of the game, which allows us to make our participation contribution to enter the multiplayer game modes (DUEL, LEAGUE AND TOURNAMENT).
This currency has no commercial value, its utility is only found within the Crypto soccer game as virtual currency.
This CSC GAME coin is the same one that you will receive as a reward in the daily missions game modes and multiplayer game modes. The rewards will be added to your balance represented in the CSC GAME currency and that you can then exchange them for CSC tokens at the time of making your withdrawal. its equivalence is the following: 1 CURRENCY CSC GAME = 1
CSC TOKEN How to top up the CSC GAME coin?
The CSC GAME coin recharge system works as follows: The user must enter the Crypto soccer market, connect their wallet and make a purchase of 1 of the 3 recharge packages that we have (BASIC, PREMIUM AND GOLD), The purchase of these packages is made only with the CSC token. After purchasing your CSC GAME coin recharge package, your balance will be reflected in the game with which you can start making your contributions to participate in multiplayer modes.
What benefit does this top-up system and the CSC GAME coin have?
This recharging system and the implementation of a virtual currency such as CSC GAME allows to maintain a better and sustainable economy within the game, giving a solution and benefit to users in saving fees or commissions at the time of making their participation contribution when entering the multiplayer modes in which you can participate in an UNLIMITED way.