Crypto Soccer
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Frequent questions

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    On what platforms will Crypto soccer be available?
    A: Crypto soccer in version 1.0 will be available on 2 platforms: Android and Windows
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    What is the release date of the game?
    A: Crypto soccer has a huge advantage in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. since it has a game already developed that allows the team to give a confirmed date for the launch of its first version, which will be October 31, 2021
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    .Can I make a profit for Free with Crypto soccer?
    A: Crypto soccer has been developed with the entire community in mind and that in future updates everyone will be able to enter with our equipment rental system which allows the owner to generate passive profits while people who do not have money to invest can generate income in a way fair for both parties.
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    Why is blocking liquidity and reward tokens important?
    A: Crypto soccer has made the safety and tranquility of the community a priority when investing in the project.
    The corresponding measures have been taken to avoid vulnerabilities in the project, for this reason the team has blocked the corresponding tokens: staking, rewards, marketing, reservations, dev
    These are locked in smart contracts which cannot be modified or altered and can be verified by the entire community.
1. The liquidity will be blocked automatically after being added to Pancakeswap, The liquidity block like the others will also be public and the whole community can verify it.
2.The blocking of tokens or liquidity will NOT affect the trading of Crypto soccer users' tokens, that is, you can buy and sell freely and safely at any time.
5 .¿Where can the CSC token be purchased?
A: Initially, the CSC token can be purchased from October 21 on Pancakeswap and later it will be expanding to new platforms and exchange exchanges.